Great Week!:)

This week was SO amazingly unexpected!!
We were contacting at Georgetown University and ran into this guy named Felix! He said that his battle buddy in war was Mormon and that he left a huge impression on him! I have such a strong testimony about being an example to others! That is one of the biggest ways we can be a missionary, by being an example! An example goes a long way!:) We got to have a lesson with him a few days later and he said he felt very at peace with everything. We had a member come with us and found out that they both speak Russian! Haha, no coincidence!:) I am so excited to see what happens!
Shortly after Felix's lesson, we were riding home on the metro and we met this guy named Brian and we were having a good discussion with him when all the sudden this guy walks onto the metro and starts making fun of us and saying things like, "You call yourselves a church?" or "What the heck are you guys wearing?", and then a lady in front of him turns around slaps him and says, "You're an idiot you know that?" Haha it was so funny. Then Brian (the one we were talking to before the guy walked on) said, "Yeah man what are you trying to do here?" The rest of the metro also had our backs and were yelling at the guy! It was so awesome! This experience reminded me that we are never alone! Someone always has our back, even when you think you are completely alone! More importantly, Christ always has our backs and understands everything we are going through!

Funny story: One day we went to Gallaudet University to contact and we finally get there and we try talking to people but they all look at us like we are aliens... Later we see EVERYONE is doing sign language to each other... And we find out it was a DEAF university!! Haha awkward!
It was so funny!  It was good to know that people weren't intentionally ignoring us! We had a good laugh about that!

So this week I came to the conclusion that Hispanic people are the NICEST people ever to live! We were tracting one day and getting a lot of doors slammed in our faces.... Until we got to this sweet Hispanic lady's house! She very nicely demanded us to come in and she made us eat some food and talk with her! She was so nice!! Unfortunately we have to pass her to other missionaries because we can only teach young adults because that's the area we are in. BUT while we were there, her son Jon walked in and is interested in learning more!
It was so awesome!:) He is YSA aged! Yay!

To end this amazing week, I got to see Brother and Sister Flake from my home ward in Arizona! It was so amazing! They came into the visitors center and said hi! It was such a nice surprise! They are SO incredible and I am so glad I got to see them!

I just want to leave you all with this scripture that I really like. It is in Jacob 3:1, "But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction." I love you all! Strive to have a pure heart and always pray and have faith!
Sister Freeman

All the sisters got to go to the temple!:) 

The pizza box told us how to hold the pizza box..... Hahaha! 

Brother and Sister Flake from Arizona came and said hi while they were in DC!:) 

It was Sister Buhlers birthday today!:)

 Maryland is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Georgetown University!

Anyone know which movie these stairs are from??;)

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