What a FUN Surprise!!

I had just finished writing my weekly letter to Megan this Sunday afternoon and I heard the "ping" of my phone saying that I had just received a text message.  Well, it was from Linda Flake who just happened to be at the Washington DC Temple Visitor's Center where she just happened to see MEGAN!!  This so made my day!  (And made me a little teeny tiny bit jealous, I have to admit!)  I was just thinking about how I really wanted to just give Megan a hug and tell her I love her, and Linda texted me and told me that she'd just given Megan a hug "from her Mom" and Matt had given her a big chocolate candy bar.  The Flake's are so awesome!  What a sweet tender mercy from Heavenly Father today!!

Here is the picture Linda texted to me!  Looks like it was a cold and rainy day!!  

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