Megan's Easter Package!

The best part of this package was the family picture book I made for Megan.  I told her it was to use in discussions about Eternal Families or the Plan of Salvation.  It was just a small book, but it was packed with fun pictures...I hope it doesn't make her homesick!  I also sent her a framed water color print of the Garden of Gethsemane that says "He is Risen".  I purchased this when I was there in Jerusalem last fall.  There was a little gift shop on the premises of the Garden of Gethsemane run by the Christian church that keeps the grounds maintained there.  It was such a fun gift shop and I got some neat things there.  For Easter, all the girls are receiving this picture framed for their rooms.  It is extra special because of where I got it! :)  Each family member wrote her a nice Easter letter and I sent her a couple more of the letters that people wrote to her at her farewell party.

I had to send candy too!  Her favorite is Cadbury Eggs, of course!

By the end of her mission, I will have spent a small fortune mailing these packages!! 

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