20 Years Old! :D Woot Woot

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

Here are a few highlights: 

Doris: Doris came to church yesterday! She is progressing very well! She is from Liberia and we took this really awesome member who is also from Africa with us to our last lesson with Doris and they really connected and are getting to be really good friends! :D Doris was a media referral sent to us. Doris originally just wanted a Bible and not to meet or anything, but we eventually were able to get inside her home and teach her! She is progressing super well and absolutely LOVED church yesterday! 

Funny story: We were our tracting and we knocked on this one persons door and the husband answered and he was like, "COME ON IN!!" And Sister Shin and I were SO HAPPY! And then the wife came up and was like, "no." Haha, so we just offered to leave them an invitation to come to the Visitors' Center and the husband was like, " YEAH ABSOLUTELY COME IN PLEASE!" And the wife was like, " no. No. NO" and the husband was like, " Whyyyyy they look so nice and it says Jesus on their badge", haha we had mixed emotions haha! I hope the husband comes in contact with missionaries again!!

Meeting with Elder Bennett (Member of the 70): So we had a TEN hour meeting with Elder Bennett!! It was the best meeting of my life and was so spiritual. That meeting changed my life!! I took so many notes and I wish I could share them ALL with you! He talked to us for ten hours but it felt like two hours! Ah it was so good! He talked about how we can be better missionaries and how to do it! It was so good and I am so pumped! This is something he said that really stood out to me: He asked the question, "Why do you think we don't receive immediate answers to our prayers? Or why do we sometimes not receive any answers at all?" And he said that because if we did, we would have no agency to choose! That was really neat! I know that God has HIS way of answering our prayers and He trusts us to use our agency in the right way! 

Love you all!

Bernice had a WONDERFUL birthday brunch!

She is the best!!
More cake!!:) Members from the Bethesda Ward
came to the Visitors' Center!

 It was a nice surprise! 
 Celebration with our roommates! 
It rained like crazy!! 
Birthday cake my mom sent me! 


 My roommates surprised me with this!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sister Freeman! I am glad you had a wonderful day!