Update From Bethesda!

Hey family and friends! I will keep this email short and sweet today!

We had a busy week filled with lots of lessons, service, and GENERAL CONFERENCE! :D

Sister Shin and I gave a workshop at our district meeting about agency, the fall of Adam and Eve, and our life on earth! It went super great and it really increased my testimony of God's plan for us. Agency is our ability to choose. We fought for our agency before we came down to earth and it is one of God's GREATEST gifts to us. No one can take away our ability to choose. Sister Shin told a really good story that related to Adam and Eve. When she was younger, her mom told her not to run outside when it was dark because she could trip and fall. But her mom also told her to always be home on time no matter what, and if she ever was late there would be consequences. One night, Sister Shin was going to be late coming home. She had to make curfew, so she chose to run home and ended up falling and scraping her knee pretty badly. Sister Shin got home on time, but she tried hiding her scraped knee from her mom. Her mom noticed her scraped knee right away and kindly and willingly started to help take care of her knee. Though her mom was proud she had a desire to follow their curfew rule, she was still disappointed and sad that she hurt herself by running even when her mom told her not to. This can be related to the fall of Adam and Eve because just like Sister Shin had two rules (not to run, but to be home on time) Adam and Eve also had two commandments (to not partake of the forbidden fruit, but to multiply and replenish the earth). In order for Adam and Eve to obey one rule they had to fall to be able to have kids. God knew the fall would be hard and painful and since He is so loving he warned them not to fall and partake of the fruit. But we all know that they chose to in order for us to all be here and to be able to feel of that same love God has for us. God was disappointed and sad that they disobeyed but proud that they were the parents of all who live today. I am so grateful for Adam and Eve and because of them, we are all able to come down to earth to be able to obtain a body and to learn and grow to become like God and to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Just like Sister Shin's mom helped clean up the mess from when Sister Shin fell, God helped us by sending His son Jesus Christ after Adam fell. Jesus Christ heals us from our sins.

Love you all! I hope you were able to watch General Conference! I loved every talk and all the counsel our prophet and apostles gave to us to help us in our life here on earth.
Love, Sister Freeman
THE BURGONS! They are a senior couple that are serving in the Visitors Center! They received a new call to go to be the Visitor Center Director in the St. George VC!! I am going to miss them so much!!

They took all the Sisters out to lunch! They are the BEST!
 Our district had an opportunity to serve at a 5K race in the city!!

 We handed out water to runners as they passed by!
It POURED rain and we got DRENCHED! But it was super fun!

We all matched!!!! Woo!

The Harrison's invited us over to watch General Conference and we got a
picture with their HUGE puppy named Oz! It is the cutest dog ever!


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