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Hi Everyone! 

We had transfers on Wednesday! I am staying in the Bethesda area and training a new missionary! Her name is Sister Haertling and she is from Washington State. She is so sweet and such a hard worker! It is going to be a wonderful transfer! I first want to tell you about a HUGE miracle that happened this week! Something Sister Haertling and I have been trying to do  is pray for specific things, so we can get specific answers. We were lucky and had a lot of time to find the elect this week! We got to see the blessings from praying for specific things. On Wednesday, we had an appointment with Doris, but when we got there, she said that she was not feeling good, so we decided to tract near her house. Before we did, we prayed that we would be able to find a family to teach where the kids were anxious to learn more. After a lot of rejections, we knocked on this one families' house. Two cute little girls answered the door and seemed super excited to see us! Their dad came to the door and we told him that we are the Sister Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that we had a message for his family about Jesus Christ. The dad looks at his two girls and says, "What do you guys say, should we let them in?" and the girls  both said, "YESSSS PLEASE!!!!!" They had these huge smiles on their faces! So the dad told us to come on in and to have a seat on their sofa. WE WERE SO HAPPY! We shared our message and they were so receptive. The whole time we were teaching them I felt the spirit so strongly and knew that Heavenly Father was so happy. After the lesson, Sister Haertling and I were so happy and during the lesson we both felt such a special bond to this family. I know I met this family before in the pre earth life. The dad and the kids both seemed so familiar! Ever since that night we have been praying and fasting for this family. They have been on our minds constantly! We are going to go back this week to share more with them and we are SO EXCITED! The story gets better. So some other sisters in our mission that also serve in the Visitors' Center came up to us a couple days after we met this family and they said, "WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!" They told us how they were out contacting and that they met the nanny who watches those two little girls and she said that the girls can't stop talking about the things we shared with them! She told them that the family is super excited to come to the Visitors' Center (we left them with an invitation to come to the Visitors Center). AND now the nanny is interested in hearing about our message. I am so glad that those sisters followed the prompting to go and talk to the nanny! Aw man this was just such a huge miracle. I have such a strong testimony of being diligent in finding and of not giving up. Ever. We made that commitment that night to not go home until we found the family we prayed for and sure enough, God was able to lead us to that elect family! 

We had another experience this week where Sister Haertling specifically prayed to find a sweet lady in a blue shirt. While we were out tracting, sure enough a sweet lady wearing a blue shirt answered the door and was interested! I am so grateful for prayer! I know that God answers our prayers as we are willing to put forth the effort.

I am teaching this girl online at the Visitors' Center named Amanda! She called in to mormon.org a couple weeks ago and she explained to us how she was wanting to feel hope. I shared a message with her and called her local missionaries to go and visit her. They went over that night, and she came to church on Sunday. I called her yesterday to follow up with her on how it was going with the missionaries and with church and she said that she LOVES it! She said that she keeps feeling a tingling feeling in her heart. She said that she knew that it was the Holy Ghost and that she is making the right decision! The missionaries put her on date to be baptized on November 5! I was so happy for her! The gospel helped her to flip her life around and give her so much hope!

Another miracle, so I am teaching this guy from Pakistan online at the Visitors' Center, and he has been wanting to come to church and read the Book of Mormon for quite some time but hasn't been able to because of obvious reasons. And GUESS WHAT? So a guy from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (near Pakistan) came into the Visitors' Center and just said he felt prompted to come in and he agreed when he went back to get in touch with the guy from Pakistan and take him to church!!!!!! It was a HUGE miracle! I hope everything works out and that they will stay safe! Keep them in your prayers!

Sorry this email is getting long but I just want you all to know that I love being a missionary! I love it so much! I know that this work is important and that this gospel is eternal. I know that this is the path that God wants all His children to take. This gospel truly is something special and infinitely worth sharing. Love you all! 
Sister Megan Freeman

 Sister Haertling and I with President and Sister Johnson! 

 We both hit our YEAR mark on the 21st! Woo!

Last couple days with Sister Shin! She went on her outbound to Bowie! I'm gunna miss her!

This last picture is with Marty.

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