Megan Is Well-Loved! Two Random Texts For Her Birthday Today!!

I got a couple of texts with pictures today from some awesome people in DC!  How thoughtful that they would think to send them to me on her birthday!  That was so sweet and such a nice surprise!  The first picture is in the Visitors' Center, and the 2nd set of pictures are from a member dinner that they went to today!

Person sending text: "Look who we saw at the DC Temple just now!!  She loves you!"
Mom: "That's my girl!  It's her birthday today!  Please wish her a happy birthday for me!! And thank you so much for sending this picture!!"
Person sending text: "We did wish her a happy birthday.  She was sweet and happy!"
Mom: "Thank you!"

 Blowing out her candles!  It's tradition to get this shot,
so I'm grateful to this sister who took this shot!
How sweet that this sister made her a cake!!
Here was the text conversation for these 3 pics: 
Mom: "Thank you so much for helping Sister Freeman have a great birthday! 
I am so grateful for good people!  Thank you!"
Person sending text: "You are so welcome!  It was such a treat to have them over; it was a tender mercy and exactly what a friend of mine needed.  They are serving in my ward right now in Bethesda...I'll take and send more photos as the opportunities arise!  Just wanted you to know (though I'm sure you're already aware) that she's definitely changing and blessing the lives of many out here!"
This just warmed my heart right up to hear this about Megan!  It's humbling to know
that she's having such an amazing impact on makes it all worth it!!! 
(Plus she's going to send more pictures!)

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