Hey family and friends! 

This week I hit my year mark! The mission is going so well and I LOVE the area that I am in! Here are a few highlights from each day! 

Tuesday: Today was fabulous! A member fed us a meal today and it reminded me of what my mom would make for us! :) It was great! 

Wednesday: I got a call to train again next transfer!!!!! I am so excited! Training is the best thing ever and I learn so much from it!!:) We also tried to check up on this lady named Neda. We went over and knocked on her door and another lady answered the door and she told us that Neda and her family actually moved away a few weeks ago, but that they would like to hear the message we have!! This was a huge miracle!! Her name is Christy and she is SO INCREDIBLE! We are so stoked to come back! 

Thursday: Literally EVERYONE that came in the Visitors' Center was from Arizona! I think they all had fall break or something! It was so fun to see people from Arizona! We had our district meeting today and something that stood out to me was this quote, "I don't see the sun, but I see everything the sun lets me see, so I know that there is a sun." They related this to God and how we don't see Him but we are able to see everything He has given to us and the fruits that this gospel brings. I know that God lives and that he loves us!

Friday: Today all the missionaries who are going to train next transfer had a meeting and it was so good! President Johnson talked to us a lot about the importance of setting goals, planning, and obedience! It was a good meeting and I am so excited for next transfer! 

Saturday: GIAN AND KENGI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! We are so happy!!! They are some people who I had previously taught! They are brother and sister and are such amazing people!!! I'll send pictures! Today we went tracting and we played this game where someone says a word and then the other person has to use that word when they talk to the next person! It was really fun! We got to a house and the word I chose for Sister Shin was "an nyung ha se yo" which means hello in Korean and GUESS WHAT, the guy who answered the door was Asian! It was so funny! A member in the ward gave us a referral and we went and checked up on them and the family is SO AWESOME! We are so excited! :) This was a huge highlight! 

Sunday: Church was so great! Sister Shin and I got to do the musical number. She sang 'Joseph Smiths First Prayer' and I played the piano! It was really pretty! There are little triplets in our ward that were just born and were blessed during sacrament meeting! It was the coolest thing ever! 

Today: All the sisters in our apartment came and Sister Shin made Korean BBQ! It was so fun and yummy! I love the sisters in our mission! 

Ah man I have learned so much in this past year! I know with all my heart that this is the only true church and I am so grateful to be able to proclaim it. I know without question that it is right and true. It makes more and more sense every day! I love you all! Have a great week! 

Sister Megan Freeman 


 Gian and Kengi's baptism!!
Melody! She is doing well! She is going through a hard time but is hanging in there!
This was a picture after she went to the renaissance festival!

 Carpool to the Visitors' Center!
 District activity last Monday! Right next to the temple, there is a park with a fire pit! 
We made s'mores.

 Last district picture for the transfer.

Haha...Happy Halloween!

 We made the ward bulletin ;)
 Korean BBQ

Package for my birthday from home!


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